10 ways to celebrate purple day 2023


Sophia S

3/18/20232 min read

If you are new to the epilepsy community or are looking into new ways to celebrate, I've got you covered! Today, we will talk about what purple day is & a few fun ways to celebrate one of the best holidays on earth!!!

What is purple day?

Purple day was created in 2012 by Cassidy Meghan when she was just eight years old! She began purple day due to her struggles with epilepsy. Cassidy states in an interview with Epilepsy Scotland that she started purple day because "I wanted to find others who had epilepsy in the world and to then let them know that they aren't alone and that they don't have to feel scared and alone anymore. Also, I wanted to have one day that belonged to us, one day that we can come together and spread mass awareness to the world. Purple Day is that day for us and everyone to come together and show their support."

Canada is the only country that recognizes Purple Day as a holiday, although it is celebrated worldwide!

How to celebrate purple day

  1. The easiest one, wear purple! Deck yourself out in your favorite purple clothes or even do a purple makeup look.

  2. Organize an epilepsy event near you on purple day. Try out a purple day open mic night or poetry slam that's open for the general public. Charge 5 dollars for a ticket, and donate it to a local or big epilepsy charity. Before it starts, inform everyone about epilepsy!

  3. Repost some epilepsy stats on your social media. This is a very inexpensive way to show your awareness. Nowadays, sharing a stat on social media can really educate someone! If I never saw a repost from the Cameron Boyce Foundation about seizure first aid, maybe Milo&Me would have never been a thing! Miloand.me is always a great place to find aesthetically pleasing stats :).

  4. Throw a purple party!!! This one is my favorite, as I am doing it this purple day with my five niece, nephews, and family! We've ordered purple cupcakes and are all wearing purple. You know the adorable Pinterest parties you see? Envision this when planning your purple party. Such an aesthetically pleasing way to raise awareness on a not-so-aesthetically-pleasing topic!

  5. Donate to an epilepsy charity. Milo&Me is accepting donations!

  6. Host a purple-out at school. Tell all your classmates to wear purple in honor of epilepsy. Another way to spread awareness at school is to film a TikTok or Instagram reel asking your classmates true or false questions to see how much they know!

  7. Going off of #6, film a video asking strangers epilepsy questions! 

  8. Bake something purple! 

  9. Hang up epilepsy stats around your neighborhood, or create an epilepsy newsletter and hand it to your neighbors.

  10. Shop from epilepsy brands like; Lolas Luv, Purple Dayss, Milo&Me & epilepsy shops on Etsy.

After reading this post, I hope you have found some new and exciting ways to celebrate purple day! Don't forget to tag Milo&Me if you use any of our ideas. We LOVE to see these ideas put into action! Happy purple day!

As always,