Blog updates :)

New things are coming!

Sophia S

8/30/20221 min read

Hey everyone! If you're new here, welcome! If not, you've probably noticed some changes.

The changes!

Since I have been raising awareness at craft fairs and markets, I figured more people would find our site, so here's what I've decided to change and what I will be making more of an effort to do! One thing you'll notice is we have more tabs on our site. Some are donation tabs, where you can scan the Venmo code and donate some money to help Milo&Me's mission of supporting our teen group chat members by sending them care packages in times of need/celebration. You will also find a "where to find us" tab, so if you are local, you can keep up to date on all craft fairs we are participating!

As you know, I do a lot of craft fairs to raise awareness, but a lot of our followers are online, so I figured if anyone wanted to buy from me, I would make my products accessible to all and add a "shop" tab, but use it more as a "restaurant menu" type of style. This means if you are interested in a product that I sell, instead of checking out like you usually would, you will contact me through Instagram or email, and I will send you pictures of the materials I have left. So, for example, when you look at the bowties in my "shop, " you aren't looking at that exact bowtie, you're just looking at the size of that specific print, so when you contact me, you will see the available materials for the bowties.

& Finally,

The most significant change you will start to notice is more blog posts, but they won't be written by myself; our group chat members AND I will write them. Our girls will share things from get-to-know-me's, tips & tricks with epilepsy, poems on epilepsy & everything epilepsy related! I can't wait for our site to evolve & for more people to learn!