EEG tips&tricks


Emily L

4/12/20231 min read

Hi everyone! As a parent or member of the Epilepsy community, I’m sure you've had your fair share of EEGs. Between the glue and the boredom, they are not very fun, so Today, I wanted to share my advice on how to make EEG stays more tolerable.

1. Bring games to play with your family while in the hospital. I like to play Connect Four and Battleship with my mom.

2. Make fun traditions at the hospital. I always like to take silly photos and get food after my stay is over.

3. Watch a movie! There are usually a few good movie options at hospitals. Maybe try to watch a new one.

4. Make your mealtime fun! I love to order random food during my stay to try a decent amount of the menu.

5. Bring your own blankets and pillows. Bringing your supplies will help your room feel homie.

6. Contact your child's life department. They usually host at least one fun activity a day, like bingo. By contacting them, you can join in on these fun activities and can ask for more fun activities to do by yourself.

7. Ask for no head wrap during your EEG. Did you know you could ask for no head wrap? I didn't know until this year when Sophia (the owner of MiloandMe) told me. If you or your kid have sensory issues with the wrap, you should totally ask!

8. Lastly, do activities that you enjoy doing. I like to read and go on my phone during my EEGs. What do you like to do? Whatever it is, do what makes you happy.

I hope that my blog gave you some new ideas to use during your next EEG! Let us know what your favorite EEG activities are!