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2 years off meds!

Hi everyone! This week I’m writing about about how I celebrated my two years OFF meds!! Woo hoo!

First, let me preface that this is in no way trying to make anyone feel bad for their current situation. I understand how frustrating this may be for others who feel “stuck” in their position. I’ve been there, I see you, and I 100% hear you. This blog is my way of showing you how I’ve grown and how I am overcoming the obstacles I face in my everyday life with epilepsy! If you aren’t off your medication yet- use this article as a way of remembering. Even though it doesn’t feel possible, it most definitely is.

Ok, so here's a little backstory for those who are unaware. Two years ago, I met my second opinion Dr. M. Dr.M was the first doctor ever to tell me that getting off my meds may be a possibility. The first time we tried, I did my EEG and was told I SHOULD be able to get off meds. Two days later, I got a call that I would NOT be able to move further and would have to continue living with medication. A few months later, we did a few EEGs again, and I was told I could get off meds!

Now that you have the full story, let me tell you how we celebrated this year!

One thing about me is my guilty pleasure is Broadway musicals! One show I've wanted to see since I was seven is Wicked! So my mom and I planned a trip to the city the day BEFORE I got off meds! So we took the train into Grand Central Station, hopped into a taxi, and drove down to Soho, which is not very close to where the show was playing, but our show wasn't until 7:00 PM, so we had lots of time in the world.

When we got into Soho, we checked out Urban Backyard, a coffee shop that had the COOLEST latte art. While grabbing coffee there, I discovered my new love of cappuccinos. We decided to check out all the shops, and for the first time, I did NOT buy anything! I just loved going in and window shopping.

After shopping, we started heading towards Little Italy- but we ended up getting LOST in China Town! Getting lost in china town is not necessarily my ideal time… I don't like how loud it is or chaotic. After finding ourselves in some place that felt like home (i’m Italian lol), we sat down and ate at Ciao Bella, and may I say they had the BEST chicken parm and espresso.

By this time, the sun had started setting, so we took another Uber and headed over to the Bryant Park Christmas festivals. I loved shopping around in the cold and looking at the vendors who were selling there. We shopped there for about an hour and then walked over to the Gershwin Theater. Even though my mom and I got lost walking to Gershwin, we still made it in impressive time, considering we are NOT city girls!

We settled into our seats, and then the show started! May I say this show was TOTALLY worth the 10-year wait, and I’m glad that I was there to celebrate a big moment for myself.

While watching the show, I found myself tearing up a little. I couldn’t believe that I had made it. And I’m not talking about just making it in time for the theater, I'm talking about how surreal it felt. I’m in the city for the first time since covid with my mom, and all the fighting I've faced is finally worth it. At that moment, I felt on top of the world. Everything I worked for paid off. And even though I was celebrating my epilepsy, that day was a day that I forgot something was “wrong” with me. My whole life, I’ve felt like I was never going to live a “normal life”. So, when it all synced in, I really felt like I was on top of the world.

The next day was my REAL two years off meds. I walked into work that day with a whole mini surprise (I told everyone I wanted a surprise party because I’m a drama queen, lol). I work at a gift shop for kids on the autism spectrum to learn social and work skills alongside typical peers. I have been volunteering there for two years and the people I work alongside have truly become my family! We celebrated with cake, and I was given my very own GRUMP tree, lol!

Once my mom picked me up, and we got our Christmas tree. When I got home, we ordered dinner, and I was surprised with a BRAIN CAKE!!! This is something I have been wanting for a long time, so I was super excited when I saw that my mom asked Alison, who owns Bellas Sweet Treats, to make my cake!

Thank you for coming along with me and listening to how I celebrated my 2 years. This has been the best Christmas present a girl could ask for :)


Milo&Me (Sophia & Milo)

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