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A day in the life of someone with epilepsy...

Everyone’s routine looks different. Some people may not even have one. I have one, however, so I do not forget anything important. So, I'm going to share that with you today. I wake up around 7:30 but don’t actually get out of my bed until eight usually. This is because, although I am a morning person, I do feel the need to stay connected to peers and the world. The way I do this is by catching up on social media, checking emails, and checking my calendar for the day. When I get out of bed, I don’t get dressed right away, either. I’m usually wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I go straight to the kitchen and grab some breakfast. This is very important because if my blood sugar drops, I will have a seizure. My go-to right now is a blueberry bagel with vanilla yogurt on top. After that, I tend to feed my cat, Motley, because she is meowing at me until she is fed and given fresh, purified water. Yes, she is spoiled. Then, I make contact with my parents via text. This is important to ensure open lines of communication and any different plans for who is driving me around that day, and since I don’t drive, they get me to my appointments. I am currently searching for a job, so I have interviews left and right. After I touch base with my parents, it’s about 9:30. Now, I take my meds and double-check at least ten times throughout the day that I took them. At this point, I get in clothes suitable for the weather so I can take my dog, Lucky, on a walk.  It’s nice to burn some of her everlasting energy. It’s about 10 when we get back, and I let Motley outside and drink some Gatorade because it’s hydrating for the walk I just took. It also keeps my blood sugar up. I relax until around 11 and start writing for this blog on Mondays. Around 12, I eat lunch, which consists of chicken, rice, and sweet and sour sauce. Don’t forget the Gatorade. I usually have at least one appointment a day, whether that's an interview, medication management, neurologist, or therapy. So I text my ride an hour and a half before to remind them because there have been some mishaps. I then get dressed for the occasion. For example, I dress up for interviews and dress down for everything else. It is usually 3 when I’m done with any appointment and back home. So I eat a snack consisting of a smoothie, animal crackers, chips, or anything I find around the house. Then I take a nap. At about 4, my younger sister comes home from school if she isn’t working. This is where I’ll do laundry, clean, and hydrate some more. Then, around 5, my parents come home, and we talk about our days. 6:30 dinner is usually done. Then I shower at 7. I take meds at 7:30. I usually stay up until 9:30 so my hair can dry or braided. Then I go to sleep with my cat.

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