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Capital Day 2023!

Yesterday, for the first time in forever, I questioned my career goals. I love the medical field, don't get me wrong but yesterday was one of the best days in a while! Let me give you some background: I am a member of Epilepsy Alliance Florida's Youth Advocacy Council (YAC). Each year, the alliance goes to the capital and advocates for something epilepsy-related. They always bring a few kids from the YAC to tell their stories and assist in advocating. I was invited for my second year! This was such an exciting experience for me, the first time I went I was still in my "I don't have epilepsy leave me alone" phase and was too scared to talk. Thankfully, my brother was there to talk to me.

This year, I was ready. I bought my cute little outfit and was ready to be professional and talk to all the representatives of Florida. I even thought ahead and ordered Starbucks to my door the morning of advocacy day. Anyway, enough of the background, let me tell you everything that happened!

Sitting down with all these representatives was life-changing. I don't think anybody will understand how good it feels to finally be listened to when all you do is work to try and erase the stigma epilepsy has. I didn't feel like a little girl coming with a sob story, I felt like I was there to have a conversation about the realities of epilepsy and what they could do to help. After a few meetings, I realized how much I had grown. I would have never been able to talk so confidently a year ago.

I met with so many influential people, including the President of the Florida Senate. We were talking and she said that she could see me right where she is in a few years. It was a funny joke at the moment but as the day went on, I couldn't help but agree. Growing up, people used to joke that I would become a lawyer because I love to fight. I would always dismiss them because I could never see myself fighting useless arguments every day. Now that I'm older, I realize how much I love being an advocate and fighting for things I am passionate about. I love being able to speak (and fight) for people that are too scared to do it themselves. I'm not saying I am completely ditching my neurologist dreams, I'm just realizing I should keep my mind open to other things that make me happy.

Thank you to everybody who reads these blogs, Sophia, and of course, everybody in my family who supports me. I never would have found the confidence to do anything without you all!

-Your (maybe?) future president, Sofi <3

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