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Hey everyone, it's Nidhi here!

One thing that makes epilepsy hard is the diet. As an epileptic, it's so important that we watch what goes into our body. Some foods worsen the severity of seizures, and some foods make it better, depending on the individual.

As a strict vegetarian who also doesn't eat eggs, it is hard to get the nutrition needed, such as more protein. When I was first diagnosed, my parents googled everything that could help, and keto became a potential temporary solution. If anyone knows what the Ketogenic diet is, they know how hard it is, and all foods would feel restricted unless it was keto. (Keto is more protein, less sugar, and less carbs.)

My parents considered this diet for an extended period of time and decided it wasn't worth the risk. I wouldn't even be able to eat meat since it goes against my religion, and ultimately, I would suffer more instead of getting better.

Though it has been years since they talked about it, I still constantly feel the pressure that I "need" to be gluten-free, and I can't have much sugar. I am told to eat superfoods such as avocados, berries, nuts, etc. It is extremely difficult since I already have so many dietary restrictions, and being gluten-free would cut off so many options for food.

To sum this up, I have limited my gluten intake, and I have noticed a difference. However, it just isn't worth it for me to cut it off completely. Our parents/doctors/friends/family only understand so much, but we go through so much past their understanding. Taking away the foods we love the most won't help as much as they think.

  • Nidhi <3

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