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Epilepsy Foundations (CT) featured speaker is...

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying the changes of our new website & the easy access it is just to type "" in Google to find our page- because I know I am! This month of November has been crazy over here in Milo&Me headquarters, LOL!

During this month, we have: bought a Cricut machine, had our last Sunday farmers market, had a stay at the EMU canceled, AND spoken in front of 150/200 people at the epilepsy foundation of CT "Think Positive" Gala as the featured speaker.

Yes, you heard me. FEATURED speaker at the Epilepsy Foundations (CT branch) Gala. So let's dive into this experience, and I will gladly tell you ALL about it.

So, let's start at the begging of the day. I got my hair and makeup done! Here is my final result, which I was pleased with!

After the hour drive there, we got there early. To be completely and totally honest, let me tell you I was NERVOUS!! One thing about me is that I'm pretty chatty, but when I am put in stressful situations or nervous, my social battery tends to shut down.

Growing up, I did a lot of singing on stage (where else? lol), so I am not one to back down to be in the spotlight. In fact, my mom said she's never seen someone walk up that fast to speak for 15 minutes about their life, lol.

Once I got on, I can't tell you what happened. It was tunnel vision!!! At first, while speaking, I was nervous, but then, as the minutes went on, I started to feel comfortable! It was such a surreal experience, and frankly, if you had told me two years ago that I would be public speaking, let alone speaking about MY journey with epilepsy, I would have laughed in your face. Growing up, I have never been the smartest person in the room, and I still don't feel like the smartest person, but in this moment, I felt pretty dang smart and impressive. I was glad that everything I went through would be used in this moment.

After I had finished my speech, everyone started clapping, which I thought was expected, but then I looked up to see them STANDING FOR ME! Yes, I, THE Sophia, little old me, got a standing flipping ovation! Can you believe that? Because I still can't! It was unreal that I received a standing ovation!

The night was absolutely amazing and just the beginning of what I have in store for years to come! Thank you for coming on this journey with me

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