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How Milo&Me Changed My Life

The week after I turned 16, I wandered upon a TikTok that would change my life. That sounds super dramatic, but it is true. When I saw that a girl around my age had an epilepsy support group, I couldn't help but be interested. We were also name twins. It was like we were meant to find each other! I went to Sophia's website and filled out a contact form. I didn't know if she would answer, but it was worth a shot. A few days later, we ended up getting in contact, and I joined the Milo&Me teen group chat. I met all the other girls in the group chat, and it was so heartwarming to see how there were other girls just like me. For the first time, I didn't feel alone.

When I first joined the chat, I didn't say much. I was still really scared to talk about epilepsy. You couldn't pay me to mention it. I honestly don't know how, but when Sophia started letting the other girls write blogs, I wrote one. I strongly remember my mom having to sit in my room with me while I wrote my intro post because I didn't know anything about myself, not even what type of epilepsy I had. After my first blog was posted and everybody had good things to say, I kept writing. Obviously, I needed the occasional push, but having such a strong support system through Milo&Me helped so much.

I don't think I would be the person I am if I never met Sophia. She inspired me to have confidence in who I am. I've been in Milo&Me for about a year, and I have more than I thought I could do in a lifetime. I would have never continued Club Purple, started Project T.E.E.N., or been such a strong advocate.

Milo&Me just became a nonprofit, and I couldn't be prouder. Sophia has changed the lives of so many girls, even if she doesn't know that. I can't think of one person who deserves this more than her. She is so hard-working, dedicated, and inspiring to everybody she meets. I know she might be off of socials for a while, but I won't stop annoying her over text.

Thank you to my name, twin :)

See you next time!

-Sofi <3

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