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My first vendor event!

Hey there! Long time no see! Sorry I haven't written in my blog as much as I have. it's just I feel like my journey has come to a pause recently, so I had nothing to share. So let's dive into this week's topic, my first-ever craft fair!


Now, I know exactly what you're thinking, "why is Sophia participating in a craft fair? Is she even creative?"To answer both of your questions, yes I am very creative, & why? let me tell you! As you know, Milo&Me is a teen support group, but lately, I've wanted to do more for my members because they deserve it! So I talked to a few friends who were able to make my dreams possible, and I was able to make custom care packages! It comes with a "seize the day" T-shirt, tote bag, bracelets, and key chain. I was able to afford all of this threw my last fundraiser but unfortunately shipping is super expensive. So, I did what any reasonable teenager would do, dusted off the cobwebs of my crafting skills, and got to work!

So, what did you make?

Ironically enough, I spent the last two years crafting non-stop so this was a breeze for me! I made candles, home decor (the little lightbulb contraptions you see), pet portraits, dog bandanas, dog bowties, and key wristlets! Although, I can't take all the credit because I wouldn't be able to do it without my beautiful mother who has helped me along this whole journey! When you scroll down you'll see my full setup (at our second event, the pictures are just better in these ones.) and this is where you can see our pet portraits and me in my element. Going into these events it is really hard to remember your product's worth because you are always going to think there is someone better than you, the truth is you have to not only know YOUR worth but your PRODUCT'S worth too!

What did you get out of this experience?

Honestly, I've learned so much that you can't really learn in a classroom. It's something you have to learn in real life. I've learned about networking, I always meet my neighbors because you never know how they could help you in the future or how you could help them. My whole life I have always leaned on the quieter side, but after working in the retail industry for 2 years, you learn how to get chatty real quick! Nobody wants to buy from someone who's miserable, nor they also don't want you to talk too much because then they feel pressured. It's all about balance and getting out of your shell because a lot of people will think your idea is good, but a majority won't buy it.. even if it is for a good cause!

As always, Thanks for joining in on my journey and learning about my events, I have JUST begun and can't wait to do more. Thanks for supporting me & reading along!


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