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Our NEW mission!

Hi everyone! Happy LATE Thanksgiving! Long time no see! It's been quite a while since I last wrote here. I took some much-needed time to refresh and focus on my mental health (anxiety sucks!). Since my break, I've changed up our mission. Soooo, here's what to expect from us.

When becoming a non-profit, there were plenty of things I expected to be faced with, but changing my organization's mission two weeks after being granted 501(C)(3) Status definitely wasn't one of them. Yet again, I never planned on running a non-profit at 18, so life tends to take us in different directions all the time.

Changing my mission was very frustrating as I felt like I worked so hard for my first mission to become my mission. There were many discussions with my board of directors, team, family, and even girls who benefited from milo&me about how to change. I've always known that when I changed my mission, I wanted it to remain true to our core values—supporting young women with epilepsy. Teenage years tend to be forgotten about in the epilepsy community when it comes to support groups, and arguably, I believe our teen years are when we need support the most! I also didn't want to get rid of our care packages. I thought it was such a unique concept, and to take it away would be taking away what makes us! In the past few months, I also realized I wanted to focus on educating others about epilepsy by going to schools and educational environments!

So, without further ado, our new mission will be...

"Our mission is to empower and support young women with epilepsy through a compassionate community and educational initiatives." 


our commitment


  • . We host a virtual peer support group once a month for teens on the East Coast between the ages of 16-19.

  • CARE PACKAGE PROGRAM: Nominate a friend with epilepsy who is struggling or celebrating in their journey! We send a little gift with Milo&Me merchandise & write a note attached.

  • Education: We are committed to raising awareness about epilepsy and dispelling myths and stigma associated with the condition in Connecticut.


We will host a monthly virtual support group for teen girls between 16 and 19 on the East Coast. We also figured, why not open the care package program to everyone!? So, feel free to nominate a friend with epilepsy who is celebrating a BIG milestone or is in a dire time of need (brain surgery, breakthrough seizure, EEG longer than 48 hours, etc). If you are interested in any of these, hit the services tab on our website!

So, even though this isn't what I planned on doing four weeks into owning a 501(C)(3) non-profit, I'm happy we've changed and are evolving!

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