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POV: you're an athlete with epilepsy

As some of you may know, I have been a cheerleader since my freshman year of high school. Unfortunately, a few practices ago, I got a concussion. I didn’t do anything after I got concussed, which I feel made it worse. Last week, at my follow-up, they told me I was doing everything wrong, and my concussion was severe. I was put on all these precautions and couldn’t return to school. It’s been a stressful few days as I have so much going on. The second semester of senior year is not the time to be out of school and miss many assignments.

Getting injured in cheer is nothing new to me. I broke my nose in my sophomore year, and there have been tons of sprains and strains along the way. I’ve seen other girls on the team get concussions, and it is usually no big deal. Though, when something is already wrong with your brain, it’s not great to be concussed. My pain tolerance for things like this is extremely high, so in a way, it makes it difficult for people to see that I’m struggling. My memory, sensitivity to light, and headaches have been the worst symptoms for me. I’ve had to balance so many different factors educationally, socially, and athletically, which has been overwhelming. I’m trying to get better, but all I can think about is making sure I keep up with my school work, remember my cheer routine, and remember to text all my friends. Ironically, my concussion got to the severity it is now because I overworked myself. Anyone who knows this can attest that I do so much all the time. Not only is my school schedule insane, but my after-school schedule is just as challenging. From being a cheerleader to managing Club Purple and Project T.E.E.N., you can say I’m an extremely busy girl.

The most challenging part of my recovery is not the pain or the symptoms, but it is trying not to continue to overwork myself. Being an athlete with epilepsy has its challenges. People will be more concerned when you injure your head, recovery will probably be more challenging, and just in general, there are a ton more precautions you need to follow. Despite this, I couldn’t imagine not being a cheerleader. I love all the girls on the team and hate letting them down when I am out injured.

**I also wanted to bring up my super long absence from the blog. Life got pretty crazy, but hopefully, I am back!

Till next time,

Sofi <3

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