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Purple Day 2022

If you're an epileptic on your journey to self-discovery with your diagnosis, you've probably looked up the national epilepsy holidays! When you looked this up, you probably stumbled upon "Purple Day," and you were probably confused- just like I was. So let’s learn about it together!

What is Purple Day?

Purple Day was created in 2008 by Cassidy Megan, who was sick and tired of having no epilepsy awareness! Purple day is a day to debunk epilepsy myths & spread awareness by letting others know they're not alone.

What makes Purple Day different from epilepsy awareness day?

Now, I can’t exactly tell You, but one thing Purple Day does to spread awareness is lighting buildings or bridges up purple! If you ask me, personally, how I think purple day is different from epilepsy awareness day because it was created by one of us! Someone who was so sick and tired of no acceptance and no awareness that they decided to make something themselves. Cassidy's room initiative & made a change.

What can I do this purple day?

Here are some things you can do THIS purple day!

  • Wear purple.

  • Post a purple day post.

  • Read an epilepsy children's book to your students/kids/friends/neighbors etc.

  • Read a few epilepsy blogs- ours is a good one to start! ;)

  • Learn seizure first aid.

  • Support an epilepsy business/ a business that may sell an epilepsy item (Lola’s luv, purda vid, etsy shops)

  • Repost some epilepsy facts on Instagram!


Thanks for reading along and learning a better understanding of purple day! Let me know what you end up doing this purple day!

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