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Stories behind Milo&Me: Hannah

Hello! My name is Hannah, and I get the pleasure of introducing myself to you because of all the great things Sophia and “Milo & Me” have been able to do. Living with epilepsy is hard, but I’ve found refuge in the Milo & Me group chat and family. I will forever be grateful for Sophia and her mission!

Now for a little about me! I‘m Hannah and an 18-year-old epilepsy warrior living in the sunshine state of California. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 14, and my life changed forever. I‘m not able to do certain things like driving, and I have to take extra good care of my body, but I’ve also been given a new perspective on life and get the pleasure of meeting fellow warriors that are now dear friends

.A fun fact about me is I am a horseback rider! My horse, Rogue, is a mustang, and her and I do dressage together. We try our hardest to better ourselves with each ride, and we don’t let my epilepsy get in our way! Although we do have our ups and downs, just as we all do, we keep fighting!

I am so glad to be given the opportunity to introduce myself to you, and I hope to continue to talk about epilepsy and spread awareness!

Bye for now!

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