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My top 7 epilepsy related holiday gift recommendations.

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Hey! Sorry for the delay in blogging. When all your writers are college students and experiencing finals, you can understand how stressful it is to publish a blog!

Just like that, Christmas is in full swing! The holidays are all about letting loose, and part of that involves taking a break from epilepsy as much as you can. Of course, if you have epilepsy, you can't tell yourself to stop seizing, and you need to manage your triggers. What I mean by this is, if you're like me- epilepsy consumes your life. Epilepsy is my job, so obviously, it's what I think about most. So, during the holidays, I allow myself to forget about my epilepsy. I say this because giving your loved one an epilepsy gift might not be something they want to receive, but if you believe your loved one is ready, here are my top 7 epilepsy-related holiday gifts for your child, friends, or family to explain your loved one's condition or even use for yourself!

Ok, so if you are following us on Instagram (if you don't, what are you doing!? follow miloand. me), You would know some of our favorite epilepsy friends are Kate & Charlotte at Char Bear Keeps Dancing. Kate, her family, and her organization (a soon-to-be non-profit, may I add!!!) have made fantastic achievements in the Infantile Spasms/ epilepsy community. WELL ONE THING KATE MADE TO SPREAD AWARENESS IS WAVES THE FREAKING BRAVE. Now, I feel like I am one of the biggest reasons Waves is being created (sorry, char!) because when I saw this, I freaked out SO. MUCH. Waves is healing my inner child, and I cannot stress that enough (I ordered two.) Waves is an EEG buddy to accompany your little one so they don't feel alone! He comes with his own EEG cap, electrodes, a backpack and is compatible with build-a-bear clothes. You can switch out his outfits to be stylish all the time! Wave's is a great toy to make your child feel less alone or to grow diversity and inclusion in your toy box. Waves is available for pre-order NOW and is expected to come in late March or early April!

So, first off, this journal is something I've never seen or used before. This epilepsy journal is from Etsy. You guys know I will never steer you in the wrong direction, but I'm keeping an open mind. I've never used an epilepsy journal, mainly because my seizures are so quick, and I don't know when they happen. I HATE writing my feelings in a book that only I can see. It almost feels too real for me. But if you or a loved one benefits from writing down how you feel and your symptoms- this looks like a great gift!

This one is for all the moms out there who have kicked, screamed, cried, spent nights researching, and tons more for their children to get the resources, medication, and accommodations they need. I know my mom isn't the only one who advocated at every appointment, IEP Meeting, and more. If you have an active medical mom, the phrase "Advocate like a mother" should resonate with you as much as it does with me. Two moms created the Littlest Warrior on a mission to spread inclusion and love after having a child with Down syndrome and adopting another child with DS. The Littlest Warrior has a bunch of inclusion-based apparel that I absolutely love with different phrases.

#4 Crotchet Bear By Brooke.

So, whenever someone orders through Milo&Me for crotcheted items, I'm asked If I make them. My answer to that is, of course, NOT! I have no patience for that! But Brooke, one of our volunteers, crotchets every item on our table and website. Brooke is only 16 and is already a little entrepreneur! She does everything from plushies, ornaments, hats and more! I always place custom orders through Brooke, and she never disappoints! I recommend ordering your pet or a friend's pet; she is AMAZING at that! I've placed five custom orders just for pets!

Lolas Luv is a clothing brand dedicated to ending the stigma. For each purchase from Lolas Luv, 10% goes to the epilepsy foundation of America.

Hannahtopia is a non-profit organization that is aimed at giving children with epilepsy and other disorders cheerful and functional medical products. They sell various medical items, but one in particular is the Nilly Noggin EEG caps. Let me tell you, this is the best thing to get your child if they experience EEGs! Nilly Noggins are designed to be breathable, comfortable, & stylish. As you know, we just finished a fundraiser for kids in the EMU at CT Children's Hospital to have access to them, so we obviously love them. 

This is Charlotte, the cutest model wearing her Nilly Noggin EEG cap. It changed her entire stay, making her feel more comfortable and keeping her leads in the whole night. Isn't she a cutie!? 

#7 Epilepsy children's books

Finding a good book to explain your child's diagnosis is pretty tricky. So, I've made it my mission to find the most perfect epilepsy books because everyone deserves to see themselves represented. Here are some of my top picks...

  • Matthew Rides into Space

  • Char Bear Keeps Dancing

  • The Little Ninja 

  • and Sometimes I Get the Wiggles 

I hope you enjoy some of our recommendations for this holiday season! Merry Christmas!

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