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My Story

Hi! I can't believe this is finally happening! I'd like to welcome you all to my blog! I decided to make this blog for patients or parents who may not have social media. I first made Milo&Me in June of 2020 as an Instagram account, it is definitely still a smaller account, but it has grown into way more than I could imagine! What I believe separates Milo&Me from many other accounts and blogs is that it's written from a teen's perspective. Let's be honest, you can find other accounts, but it will probably be less personable. My goal is for everyone to learn more about epilepsy and have a deeper understanding of their diagnosis.

Get to know me better!

Now that we've got an overview of why I started this, I figured you should get to know me better! I'm Sophia. I'm 17 and have absence seizures. I've been diagnosed since I was two and a half, and I was able to get off medication one year ago! I totally understand what it's like to be the "tough case" because with my seizures, you should grow out of them by puberty.. and unfortunately, that never happened. I have learned to find comfort and strength in my diagnosis and use it as a positive thing in my life (which is way more complicated than it sounds). On a more personal & non-epilepsy-related note, some things I like that aren't advocating for epilepsy include singing, volunteering & teaching social skills to kids on the spectrum, crafting & talking... if you ask my family, I'm probably best at that, LOL!

What made you create Milo&Me?

I created Milo&Me as an Instagram in July of 2020. I always wanted to create a space like this, but I wasn't comfortable enough with my diagnosis to help other people...YET. I was still very young and couldn't figure out just yet what I wanted this to be.

Fast forward a few years later to 2020, I'm 15. Everything is opening back up from lockdown, and I saw someone repost something on "seizure safety." I saw more and more people repost it, and all I could think was, "this is my moment." So after a bunch of research, teaching myself to make infographics, making connections on how to make a logo, and WAY more, I did it! This project became my baby. I have finally felt like we have gotten to a good place right now at Milo&Me. Recently, we started a small group chat with five girls who all have epilepsy, and at least for me, it has been therapeutic having all girls who understand your struggle.

About Milo!

Milo has been a registered therapy dog since 2016. He is a 7-year-old Doberman Pinscher, and although people associate Dobies with a negative connotation, Milo is nothing but a "natural" at his job. It's crazy to think of all the lives Milo has impacted. I've been lucky enough to watch Milo (before Covid LOL) and how he lights up a room. I've seen Milo help kids who have practically lived at the hospital, helping them calm down and become less stressed out. He's helped kids who are fearful of dogs and after a few minutes of meeting him, they are so much more relaxed and unafraid! When Milo is NOT working, he enjoys barking at squirrels, taking long walks, and sleeping! Milo's favorite food is popcorn, and his favorite toy is a rubber dragon that he's had since the first day we brought him home. :)

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