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What is epilepsy?

I was at an appointment and was asked what is epilepsy. I never thought I would have given this question thought, but since I've joined Milo&Me, I think a lot more. It's not just seizures. It's the constant worrying. Not just when the next seizure will be, but do I have a ride? Did I take my medications? Do I need to refill anything? Epilepsy comes with a lot of emotions. Negative and positive. For example, epilepsy is resilience, going through all the hard days but still coming back stronger. Epilepsy is strength. It takes someone with epilepsy five times more energy to complete a task than someone without.

Epilepsy also comes with wonder. Did I cause this? What happened to make me like this? What is going to happen next? Epilepsy comes with embarrassment. What did I say? What did I do? Did someone call an ambulance on me? The next thing I knew, that doctor was saying I'm sorry. Usually, I would shake this off and say it's okay, and move on with my day. But since joining Milo&Me, I think and think of how often the words I'm sorry are muttered to us with seizures. So what goes through my mind when someone says I'm sorry. Nothing. It's almost entirely blank. I understand they mean well, but words don't help. Sometimes, it feels like they make me feel worse. I believe that actions speak louder than words. For example, if advice from a fellow epileptic were given, that would be different than just saying I'm sorry. But fortunately, not everyone has epilepsy, and unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge to help. If you don't have epilepsy and want to help, the best thing you can do is educate yourself. It gives you knowledge not only on how to treat a seizure but also on the different kinds of seizures. You can save a life!


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