Stories behind Milo&Me: Izzy

Meet Izzy


10/5/20221 min read

Hello, my name is Izzy. I'm currently 15 years old and from Western Australia!

Milo & Me is a group chat full of lovely girls that always look out for each other no matter what! Milo & Me has helped me through tough times that I would never have gotten through if it weren't for Sophia and the girls. I originally found Milo & Me through TikTok, I was scrolling through my fyp, and suddenly, a TikTok popped up that caught my eye. It was indeed Milo & Me! I quickly headed over to Milo & Me on Instagram and messaged Sophia, saying I would love to be part of this group chat. The girls introduced themselves, and I knew I fit into this group chat immediately. I don't know where I would be today if I never did that, honestly these girls mean the world to me 💜

Now a bit about my story, I had my first seizure when I was ten years old, my parents called the ambulance, and I got rushed to the hospital. I went home that night once the doctors confirmed it was probably just a one-off thing. Later that year, I started having more and more seizures. I then later got diagnosed with epilepsy, specifically tonic-clonic. A couple of years later, I started having another type of seizure. I went to the doctor and was quickly diagnosed with absence seizures. Fast forward to earlier this year, when I decided that more people should know about my epilepsy, I made a TikTok account @isabella_vs_epilepsy to raise awareness about epilepsy and to let people know what it means and what to do if someone has a seizure! Now everyone in my year knows I have epilepsy which was my goal all along.

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Milo & Me for everything 💜

Izzy <3