Taylor Swift (epilepsy version)

Sofi Q

4/20/20232 min read

Last week I attended my very first concert by the queen herself, Taylor Swift. I had the time of my life. I wanted to write about it but was told I had to make it epilepsy-related. So here it is, Taylor Swift (Epilepsy's Version)

I thought I could analyze some of Taylor's lyrics and make them related to living with epilepsy. The first song that came to mind was "You're On Your Own Kid."

The perfect line to start would be, "I waited for ages to see you there." I can relate this to waiting for ages to be seizure free finally, and thankfully, as I'm writing this, I am officially six months seizure-free. She moves on to the line she repeats several times throughout the song "You're on your own kid, you always have been" Growing up with epilepsy makes it feel like you're alone and never going to fit in. It's like a constant battle between yourself. Moving through the song a bit, we reach the line "Something different bloomed, Writing in my room." I bloomed. I decided I wouldn't let epilepsy define me anymore, so here I am, writing in my room.

This part of the song deserves its own paragraph to be analyzed: "From sprinkler splashes to fireplace ashes

I gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this

I hosted parties and starved my body

Like I'd be saved by a perfect kiss."

This is saying that growing up, all you did was fight for yourself. You gave everything just to fit in. You think everything can be "confirmed" by finally having your first kiss. You would officially be normal. THIS IS NOT TRUE! To all the girls out there that feel that to feel normal or be normal, you have to have a boyfriend or have your first kiss. It's not true. A single kiss isn't going to fix a life of doubts. It's not like the heavens will fall from the sky or something.

Moving onto the line: "Everything you lose is a step you take." THIS IS THE LINE. I'll fight that this is one of the most powerful lines she has ever written. Dr. Taylor Allison Swift is so correct. You can never fix a problem by trying to solve it once. You need to lose before you can win. Especially when it comes to epilepsy, you have to try so many things before you finally find what controls your epilepsy.

"Take the moment and taste it. You've got no reason to be afraid" Even though having epilepsy can be super scary and kids will say the most uncalled-for things that will make you so terrified even to move, don't be scared. Just because you have epilepsy, you shouldn't hold yourself back from anything. You must live your life and have no regrets. We all only get one.

And to wrap it all up, "You're on your own, kid Yeah, you can face this" You can absolutely face it. Never give up on fighting for yourself, and always have confidence. People will always be there for you, even if you have not found them. Reach out for help, and you will get it! You can face this and live as iconic as Taylor Swift.

I hope this blog expresses my intense love for Taylor Swift. She has truly shaped me and answered some of my biggest questions.

That's it for this time!