Operation: Seize The Day

Sophia S

9/16/20232 min read

After a month of planning, I am so excited to share the most recent project I've been working on!

So, one thing about me is I LOVE fall and winter. As soon as summer hits, I'm counting down the days until Christmas, and not in the greedy way. Everyone is just so cheerful during Christmas. It's the environment. So, when I was in Orlando (in the middle of August, btw… I highly recommend NOT going in August), All I could think about was the upcoming winter months. My mom had instilled in me since I was a little girl that Christmas isn't just about Santa or the amount of gifts under the tree. Because my family was always lucky enough to receive more than enough gifts, my mom ensured our list to Santa included helping/giving something to someone in need.

This is a trait I have carried into adulthood, and I definitely know I will be carrying this tradition when I have kids one day. Anyway, I was thinking about how I wanted to give back this holiday season, specifically to our friends in the EMU (epilepsy monitoring unit). A few nights after returning home from our Orlando trip, I started looking for ways to help kiddos in the EMU. I looked up "products to donate for the EMU." Then I found it. Nilly Noggins. A Nilly Noggin is a hat that goes over a patient's EEG, providing physical and emotional comfort for the patient. It hit me. I immediately started crying. I can't explain why; it just hit differently. I felt seen. During my first-ever EEG, I cried myself to sleep over how uncomfortable I was. All that was offered to me was Benadryl and an ice pack. I felt uncomfortable, and my mom felt so helpless, as you can imagine watching your 5-year-old daughter go through something challenging and being unable to help her daughter. It's traumatic.

So, I took it upon myself to ensure no kiddo feels that way again. With the help of my tiny community, I was able to make this happen. Not many know this, but I live in a small city; it's small enough that I risk bumping into people I know at the grocery store but big enough that I'm constantly meeting new people. What I love about where I live is that we are a community filled with many local businesses that are always willing to help young entrepreneurs. My best vending friend, Diane who is our top reader on all of these blog posts (be like Diane or not, she'll still manage to come out on top). When I initially told Diane about my idea, she was on board and gave me the great idea of hosting a bake sale! Diane owns a company called Molly&Mags; Diane bakes sweet treats and offered to help me with the bake sale. I also partnered with my local pizza place, which my family orders from every Friday night (cheese pizza and fried ravioli, if you must know). We worked something out where every 3rd Wednesday of the month, if you mention Milo&Me, proceeds will go towards our fundraiser, and I'm planning a few more events (that can't be mentioned right now 🙁).

Our goal is to raise 1,000 dollars for patients in the EMU, and all extra proceeds will go towards funding for Milo&Me.

Operation: Seize The Day is to have kids feel comfortable physically and emotionally while building confidence in their diagnosis. No child should feel ashamed about their epilepsy that adults have stigmatized.